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The right fit

Enhance your candidacy by taking our DISC based personality profile from Thomas International. This personal characteristic assessment provides a valuable, objective description of your strengths and motivations.  In combination with information about your education and experience, you can now be matched with the employer best suited for your particular needs, providing an ideal opportunity for you to excel in your new role.

(Note: Not yet available outside Scandinavia, but will be shortly).

We keep track of the job market

Register your background easily with our system, inputing details on your education, experience, relevant certificates and key skills. We monitor the job market for you and alert you when a job opening matches your criteria. 



Jobmatch on mobile

You will receive your job match directly as an SMS to your mobile, and you can quickly respond if you would like the employer to receive your application. You are 100% anonymous until you confirm your interest in the job opening.  The employer then finds you, so you don't have to spend your time completing unnecessary forms or applications.


(Note: Not yet available outside Scandinavia, but will be shortly).


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